Why everyone needs Design Thinking

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The most prominent thought that occurs when one thinks of a creative organization is probably a design firm, advertising agency or a tech startup. Building a creative workforce is important to every industry and this creativity requires a mindset shift that begins with leadership. Leaders need to allow each and every employee to participate creatively and invent new solutions. While venturing into the unknown together, it is important for both leaders as well as the combined team to hold a curious mindset in order to generate, embrace and execute and be open to new and innovative ideas.  It is the role of the leader to unlock the creative potential within an organization, in order to stay ahead of the game.

Leaders often tend to reject creativity and ingenuity, in favor of more practical and safe models. The consequence leads to a loss of ideas that could generate long-term value and new ideas. Design Thinking however, plays a key role in decision-making and delivering value to stakeholders. It helps build ideas from scratch, by meeting customer needs through creative and insightful solutions, with consumer-based strategies. Design Thinking therefore offers the best possible outcome to set a competitive advantage in the ever-emerging market. Regardless of the work environment, it is imperitive for all employees to develop and practice Design Thinking. Weschool understands and stresses on the reasons below:

Design Thinkers are problem solvers

Design Thinking is a concept that is applicable globally, across organizations and all industry verticals. It helps to provide solutions to various problems through means of a structured and well thought-out framework. Design thinkers are capable of thinking effectively, by building and expanding their concepts to provide highly efficient and out-of-the-box solutions. It does not fall in the pathway of traditional problem solving methods, as design thinkers tend to create solutions based on iteration and learning.

Innovation becomes a part of life:

The Design Thinking approach can help individuals create new, different and innovative ideas that are novel to a situation – be it at work, or in personal life. It helps businesses to differentiate from one another by bringing new and innovative ideas to the forefront. Design Thinkers focus on creating new markets with new possibilities to gain a competitive advantage.

Beneficial for leaders

Design Thinking can be used as a key driver of organizational strategy to overcome business problems and gain a good amount of customer insight. When one is encouraged to think creatively, they develop several leadership qualities like rapid processing of information, flexibility and the ability to rethink, evaluate an idea and restart a task.

Welingkar Institute of Management Development encourages all members of the workforce, irrespective of the industry or organization to undertake Design Thinking Learning. WeSchool believes that in today’s times, thinking creatively is the only way to exist in a technology-driven world. The training we provide equips employees with tools to make a tangible difference across various scenarios. To know more about out Design Thinking and Innovation Program, do visit our website: www.welingkarexedp.com for more details.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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