Bosch home appliances spark leadership development program

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

WeSchool MDC successfully conducted 2 batches of SPARKZ Management Development Program for BSH Home Appliances. SPARKZ is highly acclaimed as a unique initiative to nurture the young talents of the company.

SPARKZ training pedagogy focused on experiential learning where participants learned effective leadership skills. Designed meticulously, it enhanced the competence of mid-level and senior managers by immersing them in real-life scenarios.


Management Development Center, Bengaluru.


Arul: The program emphasized the importance of communication skills, particularly listening, and provided practical exercises. It covered managing task outcomes with examples and exercises, creating excitement about overcoming current difficulties. The sessions were energetic and engaging throughout the day.

Nandini: The program taught effective written communication based on purpose and audience, emphasizing clarity. The structure of emails and the importance of proofreading were key “fun moments.” Practical sessions enhanced understanding. Overall, the sessions were fantastic, as always.

Anand Badheka: The program covered effective business email writing for different audiences and provided guidance on avoiding common mistakes. Misconceptions about topics like output vs. outcome and cooperation vs. collaboration were cleared up. Fun sessions, including snowballing writing, made the experience enjoyable. The mentor’s wealth of experience and real-life examples were valuable in learning how to handle various situations. It was an engaging and enriching program with no dull moments. The activities and games were loved by all.

BEZT – Building Excellent Zydus Leaders of Tomorrow for Zydus Lifesciences

BEZT journey was marked by 8 crucial months rigorous learning through insightful training sessions.

The personalized mentoring on risk-taking ability and logical thinking capability, amplified the mentees’ potential, resulting in a heightened effectiveness within their roles. The program highlighted the key learning of maximizing efficiency in output/input behavior and recognizing the significance of developing an overall positive attitude towards the. Further, the mentoring put emphasis on incorporating workplace values and ethics while providing numerous learning opportunities including market analysis, SWOT analysis and understanding BANI environment. The rigorous evaluation process ensured tangible growth and skill refinement.



Namita Singh

The program highlighted the importance of inherited values, core values, identity types, self-reflection, and presentation feedback styles. It also focused on voice modulation, speech, and effective dialogue delivery. Additionally, interactive activities and group presentations were enjoyable.

Pankaj Kataria 

The program highlighted the key learning of maximizing efficiency in output/input behavior and recognizing the significance of others. The “aha moment” occurred when realizing the need to plan from outcome to resources and effectively implement resources to achieve desired results. The faculty’s clarity and the excellent learning environment contributed to a valuable experience.

Rajnish Tiwari 

I have learned about efficiency, effectiveness, class accountability, and responsibility. Understanding the role of active listening and attending classes will facilitate better interaction among participants. This will contribute to a more engaging and enriching learning experience for all.


The program helped me to develop a positive attitude and incorporate values while providing numerous learning opportunities. The sessions on market analysis, SWOT analysis, VUCA, entry into institutions, warm welcome, goal setting, and program discussions were particularly exciting. The instructor’s guidance was excellent. Incorporating lessons on time management would be a valuable addition for further personal and professional enhancement.

Microlabs Next Generation Leaders Program

Microlabs, a research-focused pharmaceutical company with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities across therapeutic areas such as Cardiology, Diabetology, and more, aims to provide affordable and innovative medicines worldwide. To thrive in the fast-paced tech era, Microlabs collaborated with WeSchool for Next Generation Leaders Program for its managers.  

The 3 months training and development program aimed to enhance the competencies of trainees in strategic orientation, data analysis and problem-solving, besides stakeholder management. The program now propels them to tackle advanced challenges, taking their performance to new heights.



Murugan. V (Picture): “We’ve acquired skills in presentation techniques, data analysis, market comparison, and profit portfolio evaluation. These capabilities enhance our business acumen and decision-making.”

Sangangouda Patil (Picture): learned how  “Balanced leadership and excellent managerial skills are fundamental for effective leadership and management.”

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