The recent buzzword in terms of technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a broad sense it means that a machine or software can exhibit intelligence that almost simulates the cognitive functions of human mind, in terms of problem solving and learning. Artificial Intelligence is being implemented in different sectors of our day to day life and has impacted the current technology as well. The best examples of AI in our daily life that most people are familiar with are personal assistants on your smart phones like Google Now, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana. Apart from these, AI has had a huge influence on things like spam filters on emails, smart categorization of emails, detection of network intruders and preventing the data breach, apps like Uber and Ola, commercial flights that use AI autopilot, among many others.

Artificial Intelligence has a vast spectrum of classification but the most prominent ones that have been influencing the rise in technology are Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). Machine Learning is something that applies statistical techniques that help systems to automatically learn and improve the performance of a particular task without being exclusively programmed. Machine Learning is a division of Artificial Intelligence in the field of computer science and has been particularly used in audio-visual analysis, automatic translation or transcription and driverless cars. Machine Learning is the advanced development of computer programs that can access data and learn to use it for themselves.

Deep Learning is another division of Artificial Intelligence that has networks capable of learning unadministered data that is unstructured. Deep Learning is a function that imitates the human brain in data processing and decision making with the use of patterns created over the time. Deep learning is applicable across all industries for a number of different tasks. Few examples are apps that use image recognition, open source platforms with consumer recommendation apps and medical research tools that explore the probability of reusing drugs for new diseases. It is also used for voice and image recognition algorithms by Google, Netflix and Amazon to decide what you want to watch or buy next.

Although Artificial Intelligence is gaining its pace in technology and most of the tech companies by now have come to a realization that more Machine Learning and Deep Learning experts are required in the industry, however there are only a few experts having the knowledge, education, talent and experience to work on these AI technologies. The lack of skill set and manpower is hampering the digital revolution all over the world. In order to meet this talent shortage, the tech giants all across the globe can now be observed becoming more committed to making Machine Learning and Deep Learning accessible to students and developers by offering programs and courses in AI.

Artificial Intelligence can transform the way we work, interact and communicate and for this to happen there’s a need to put the right tools in the right hands. A renowned business school that provides a top notch 3-day course in Artificial Intelligence to working professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners is WeSchool, Bangalore – the best business school in India, where you’ll get an opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning and much more. To know more about the course details, please log on to the WeSchool website

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