When it comes to technology and computer science, Artificial Intelligence or AI is the most talked about jargon in the recent times. AI generally is a notion that refers to machines or software that can stimulate cognitive functions similar to the human mind. AI can have intelligence which almost mimics humans in terms of learning, problem solving and carrying out tasks in a way that humans do. AI is designed to make real-time decisions unlike passive machines that are only capable of mechanical and fixed responses. AI has distinctive algorithms that give them the ability to learn and adapt as they make decisions. The most prominent types of Artificial Intelligence that has transformed and impacted technology are Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). Machine Learning is a division of Artificial Intelligence in the field of computer science. Deep Learning is a function that imitates the human brain in data processing and decision making with the use of patterns created over the time.

Artificial Intelligence, however, is not a replacement for human knowledge and originality. AI is rather a supporting tool for the humans that will help us to work efficiently. Since AI is proficient at processing and analyzing data far more quickly than a human brain could, we can use AI to help understand possible consequences of each action and make the decision-making process smooth-running. Especially for manufacturing industries, robotic technology has been responsible for altering simple yet time-consuming processes and being replaced for tasks such as mining activities, welding and movement of parts within a factory. As organizations become more productive, time and money can be invested in engaging with the workforce, which means that a better worker experience can be created for better customer experience.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning has been implemented by a number of apps and corporations. Whether it is Apple’s digital assistant Siri, Google’s digital assistant Google Now or Cortana in Windows Mobile, AI has been transformational to the extent that it almost seems to replicate human characteristics, intellect and behavior. However, it is only recently that companies have been able to predict and visualize the possibilities that AI and robotics can bring to the business world in the future. A known example is Facebook, which uses facial recognition software that asks people to label their photos to improve accuracy. ICICI Bank also has been experimenting with AI, through which their email bot sorts out customer and distributor emails based on the status of transaction. A company like Enlitic is a pioneer in Medical Deep Learning.  Enlitic is one of several Deep-Learning startups that use AI to scan medical images to help diagnose cancer. Another innovative company is Affectiva, an emotion measurement technology company that grew out of MIT’s Media Lab. Affectiva uses them to recognize emotions such as joy, surprise and anger in focus groups. Other sectors that use AI are self-driving cars, stock exchanges, cyber security, video games, national defense and ride-sharing companies like Ola and Uber.

The advancement of technology and the realization of the significance of AI has made organizations implement it in their hiring process as well. Organizations all over the world are now hiring their employees who specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, among many other such subjects. Tech companies are investing in AI financially in terms of educating and training their employees to become specialists in these subjects. As there is a dire requirement to fill the gap with people who are experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, people are now choosing courses and programs that can train them for learning this technology.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly gaining its pace in technology and is affecting our lifestyle, work and business, therefore making it imperative to have knowledge in these skills. One of the renowned business schools in Bangalore is WeSchool (Welingkar Education) that provides a top notch 3-day course in Artificial Intelligence to working professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners. WeSchool, Bangalore is the best Business School in India the gives an opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep learning and much more. To know more about the course details, please log on to the WeSchool website https://welingkarexedp.com

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