HR Analytics (Human Resource Analytics) is the field of analytics that applies analytic processes to the HR department of an organization which helps to improve employee performance, thereby getting an improved return on investment. HR Analytics not just gathers data on employee capability, but also provides insights into each and every process by gathering facts and data, then using it to make applicable decisions about improving these processes. Human Resource Management has changed in the past years. Since then, it has moved from an operational discipline to a strategic one. Human Resource departments have always been collecting huge amounts of HR data. However, the data can sometimes remain unused. By using HR analytics, HR professionals don’t need to rely on intuition anymore. With the help of HR Analytics, HR professionals make data-driven decisions. HR Analytics also helps to test the effectiveness of HR policies and helps to delve deeper into issues that surrounds these requirements. With the use of analytic processes, the managers are guided to gain insights from information that has been collected, make decisions and take appropriate actions.

There are basically four types of HR Analytics which are Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive. These HR Analytics answer questions such as what happened, why it happened, chances of it happening in the future again and what can be done to prevent it. Each of these data points is critical to assemble, apprehend and proceed accordingly in order to effectively manage your workforce. Since data will continue being critically important in driving workforce decisions, it is crucial to ensure that the data is accurate and properly managed. It is also vital to know the basic types of data analysis which can be applicable to workforce information that adds value to your organization.

The duties of HR professionals vary according to their job titles. The chain of HR professionals starts from an HR Assistant or an Intern, HR Specialist or Generalist or Administrator, HR Manager, HR Director, VP of HR and Chief HR Officer. The HR Assistant takes direction from all the senior HR staff. The HR Specialist takes tasks within a range of focus areas and of varying complexities. The HR Manager manages the HR department and the staff, accomplishing high level of HR activities that is reserved for senior level staff. The role of an HR Director is very similar to an HR Manager. However, in smaller companies the HR director can report directly to the CEO. It is the VP of HR who makes high level decisions that are strategically focused, giving significant impact to the organization. Finally, there’s Chief HR Officer, who is in the highest position of the entire HR department and the staff, competent to make decisions and develop new HR plans that directly affect the entire company.

HR Analytics is rapidly changing the way HR policies work. HR Analytics helps an HR professional to make better decisions using data, test the effectiveness of business cases created for HR interventions, become tactical and be a strategic partner. These days, HR departments are generating more data than ever before, but at the same time struggling to turn their data into insights. The profession is in a growing need of people who have the enthusiasm and knowledge in this field. Since there is huge demand of HR Analytics experts that can help the organizations with their knowledge, people are now opting for courses and programs that help them be the best in these skills.

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