In recent times, the buzzword in terms of technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). It simply means that a machine or software can exhibit intelligence that almost simulates the cognitive functions of the human mind, in terms of problem solving and learning. Artificial Intelligence is already being implemented in different sectors of our day to day life and has impacted the current technology as well. The best examples of AI in our daily life that most people are familiar with, are personal assistants on your smart phones like Google Now, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana. Apart from these, AI has had a huge influence on things like spam filters on emails, smart categorization of emails, detection of network intruders and preventing the data breach, apps like Uber and Ola, commercial flights that use AI autopilot, among many others.

Artificial Intelligence will also change the way we lead in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago. The image of an artificial life taking over your job can be threatening for some people. However, like everything else, it is a part of evolution in the world of technology. As new technologies and Artificial Intelligence ar implemented in the workplace framework, there are better opportunities to make the workplace more efficient. Productivity levels will automatically increase as time and energy will not be consumed over daily, mundane, sub-standard tasks. Leaders will have to decide which tasks are meant for the AI in the organization, thereby making the employees with more time available for complex jobs that require more productivity, strategy, design and implementation.

Artificial Intelligence, however, is not a replacement for human knowledge and originality of thoughts and ideas. AI is rather a supporting tool for the humans that will help us to work efficiently and productively. Since AI is proficient at processing and analyzing data far more quickly than a human brain can, we can use AI to help understand possible consequences of each action and make the decision-making process smooth. Leaders and executives from any industries need to keep on adjusting and upgrading their skills with the advancement of technology and will need to be open about the notion of incorporating Artificial Intelligence as a part of their corporate lifestyle.

The advancement of technology and the realization of the significance of AI has made organizations implement it in their hiring process as well. Organizations all over the world are now hiring their employees who specialize in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, among many other such subjects. Tech companies are investing in AI financially in terms of educating and training their employees to become specialists in these subjects. As there is a dire requirement to fill the gap with people who are experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, people are now choosing courses and programs that can train them for learning this technology.

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