‘Superbosses’, as the term suggests, are bosses who go beyond exceptional. These individuals believe in the growth and upliftment of their employees. They think of the collective good rather than their own individual self. A superboss is one who displays charismatic leadership values and constantly motivates and mentors their employees. They believe that enrolling for a leadership development program can go a long way in efficiently managing teams and overcoming leadership challenges. Superbosses are dynamic team leaders who share key personality traits such as confidence, competitive edge and out of the box thinking abilities, along with the ability to take key decisions. They also nurture potential leaders within their team by providing them with on-ground experience, adding new responsibilities, monitoring progress and providing adequate feedback that will allow them to become great leaders, too.

We School has identified traits of such leaders and believes that the following three key traits can be found in successful superbosses:

  • Eye for unusual talent

Superbosses have unique leadership styles that help in procuring good talent. They do not believe in following the standard norms that most organizations abide by, when it comes to hiring new talent for recruitment. These individuals go out of their way to recruit and nurture talent that they believe are right for not only the job, but also for the greater good of the organization. They look for unusual intelligence and new skills including the ones obtained during leadership courses and trainings, which are much beyond just an impressive resume. These superbosses possess a remarkable ability to spot talent in the most unconventional places. They emphasize on the importance of the employees and closely monitor their new recruits during on-the-job trials.  They believe in taking risks with individuals and often delegate high level responsibilities to the young team members to enable them to step up and go beyond their everyday regular work. While this trait may seem foolish to outsiders, superbosses effectively train potential talent by allowing them to scale to greater heights by taking these risks and converting them into opportunities for the betterment, growth and development of their organization and bring about a sense of work satisfaction among their team members.

  • Accept churn

Losing a customer is not the desirable element of any business. But, there are situations wherein a superboss can learn from this incident and take the business to greater heights. They measure the churn and analyse the reason as to why a particular customer decided to discontinue the organization’s services. In a leadership development program, aspects of customer relationship management and how to decrease the churn rate are discussed.

  • Apprenticeship over Mentorship

The pervasive influence of superbosses goes beyond ‘mentorship’. They develop a friendly relationship with their employees that transcend conventional leadership roles. They encourage employees to opt for leadership courses by reputed organizations in order to improve their skill set. These creative masters design customized programs for their employees in order to equip and nurture the skills they require to take their career to the next level. Superbosses empower these groups to break the moulds of conventional practices for managing and influencing others. They immediately and actively expose their employees to difficult and complex problems and expect them to achieve extraordinary results, while guiding and motivating them alongside. The employees therefore, most often report personal achievements beyond their expected potential.

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