Business Analytics (BA) is not a new concept and has been used ever since the management exercises were started by Frederick Winslow Taylor in the late 19th century. In the simplest sense, Business Analytics is the statistical study of business data. Statistics is a collection of methods for planning experiments and obtaining data. After that comes the task to organize, summarize, present, analyze, interpret and draw conclusions to understand hidden trends. Business Analytics is related to management science. The prime goal of Business Analytic is to understand business performance that is based on data and statistics. Business Analytics makes substantial use of statistical analysis, which includes fact-based management, predictive and explanatory modeling that helps to drive decision making.

Though Business Analytics has many practical applications, the top four industries that apply the concept of Business Analytics are Finance, Technology, CRM/Marketing and Retail. Online retail giants like Amazon use Business Analytics to access a vast amount of data on its customers such as names, addresses, payments and search histories which are all filed away in the data bank. This, in turn allows Amazon to give quick and efficient customer service experience. Another big company is the fast-food giant McDonald’s, that relies on Business Analytics to customize services to diverse populations internationally. Even the farmers are opting what is termed as ‘smart farming’ in which they make use of Analytics to monitor the impact of sun, water and fertilizers on the crops and learn how they can make the harvest better. Business Analytics has also predicted the effectiveness of converting manpower to robots. Unlike Data Science, Business Analytics does not involve much coding and is more statistics oriented. As we can witness the major developments in recent times, with the use of Business Analytics, businesses can expect a drastic change in the way data is analyzed. Business Analytics offer employees a huge scope to learn and improvise themselves.

Whether it’s determining the food choices for popular food chains or helping farmers supply food for human consumption, Business Analytics is a cutting edge concept that helps major corporations plan for the consumer. Business analysts apply their knowledge and understanding of statistical analysis on a huge variety of subjects like education, public health, biology, economics, engineering, medicine, psychology and marketing. What the business analyst primarily does is, help businesses implement technology solutions in a practical and profitable way.

Business Analytics is predicted to grow its influence in the coming years in the field of technology. Business Analytics is an exciting field and a good career choice for those who are interested in shaping the direction of consumer choices. The profession is in a growing need of people who have the enthusiasm and knowledge in this field. There is a huge demand for Analysts who can make sense of data and steer the business into a constructive direction. Business analysts are high in demand as there’s a global talent shortage. The technology is improvising each day and organizations are opting to hire employees who specialize in the area of Business Analytics among others. Because of this, people are now looking for courses and programs that can train them in these skills.

One such renowned business school that provides excellent courses on Business Analytics is WeSchool, Bangalore. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, popularly known as WeSchool, is one of the best business schools in India that caters to 10 months (long term) and 3 days (short term) course in Business Analytics, which trains business executives, managers, corporate leaders, research scholars and entrepreneurs on how to use analytical tools & techniques in various business scenarios. WeSchool, Bangalore delivers the best PGDM, leadership courses and data analytics courses in India. To know more about the Business Analytics course details, please log on to the WeSchool website

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