While running an organization, it is very easy to overlook certain intricate details which are vital and can prove to be disastrous in the long run for the business. When a person is promoted to a leadership role, you as an owner might feel that the person is ready to take up the role and you expect the magic to happen in a few days’ time. This may not happen in most cases, though.Newly promoted leaders and leaders who have been in the leadership role for a while understand that in order to lead a team, you need multiple skill sets. These skill sets are not impossible to master and can be developed through an efficient leadership development program. Most business owners do not realize the importance of leadership courses and corporate trainings, while some do not know the right time to send their employees to such training programs.

Here are 5 indicators that Weschool believes you should look out for:

1) Lack of connection

You might be investing a lot of capital into the latest tools and procedures for better organizational development. This happens occasionally when the leaders have all the weapons in their artillery to win the war but are unable to do so, merely because they don’t know how to use their resources substantially. In this scenario, they will end up doing a poor job in leading the team during crisis situations. As a CEO/President you might feel that you have invested in the best resources and tools, but your team is incapable of utilizing these tools for the betterment of the company. After undergoing an intensive and educative, hands-on leadership training course, they will be able to understand and utilize these tools in an efficient manner and implement their learnings in their day-to-day work.

2) Employee Retention

It is an open secret that training a new employee to get them up to speed about the company’s processes and functions is an uphill task. This uphill task costs the company a lot of money as well as time. These are two vital factors that a company must use judiciously in order to achieve their long term goals. The only viable solution to this problem is to train team leaders to encourage and nurture their subordinates so that they do not quit for a long period of time. They can develop this skill and improve their problem-solving skills by mastering leadership traits.

3) Discipline

The lack of discipline in any organization can harm all its operations in the long run. The work culture of a company is unique to itself and is showcased by its employees, stakeholders and support staff. It is necessary to lay down ground rules and thorough guidelines about company policies and etiquette, so that the entire team is aligned to the company’s values and goals. There are occasions wherein employees tend to fall back on their behavior and consider it normal to flout the rules of the organization. You might brush these off as minor incidents but, in the long run these can have major repercussions that can prove to be fatal for the company.

A great leader who displays charismatic leadership is the best person handle these situations. But what if leaders themselves do not know how to handle such a situation? They need to be trained and taught the fundamental leadership qualities and team management.

4) Distractions

You might come up with a particular strategy after hours of brainstorming, ideation and prototyping. After all these processes, the strategy is finalized and then it is discussed with the employees. In most cases, the employees will follow the plan and carry out the functions as told to them. This is an ideal scenario. But if employees are not convinced completely, they might try their own methods in order to achieve the goals. Though these spontaneous acts might work out to achieve short term goals, it can lead to insubordination and failure of the project in the long run.

One of the vital qualities of a good leader is the ability to ensure that every employee is on the same page as the organization. Also, if the leaders in the organization are noticing such acts, they need to be equipped with the appropriate skill set to eradicate the problem swiftly and nip it in the bud before the rest of the team members replicate these unfavourable traits.

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