3 ways to boost productivity

Leaders and entrepreneurs, in an endeavor to achieve their maximum potential, tend to grab every opportunity that comes their way. In a bid to deliver, taking on too much work may spur their capability, however, it may cause them to lose momentum and their efforts may begin to dwindle. Every individual craves a sense of accomplishment towards the end of the day, and to achieve this, they need to inculcate habits that require long-term consistency, as there are no quick fixes to boost productivity.

Paul J. Meyer, a pioneer of self-improvement says, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”.

If productivity is what Meyer believes it to be, it is a prowess that can be pursued and WeSchool has ascertained three infallible ways to remain efficient, as it  imperitive to stay productive and visible in a constantly shifting market.

  • Set tangible business expectations

The saying that goes ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ pretty much sums up the importance of laying down expectations. It is important to set clear and tangible business expectations, as every leader needs to have clarity on where they are heading. This needs to be written down and discussed with the team as well, to enable them to understand the goals of the organization.

Assigning specific responsibilities to employees keeps the team at task. Unclear expectations are believed to be one of the top reasons that cause frustration among employees, especially when there is change within the organization. Setting up periodic benchmarks, milestones and expectations also help to eliminate anxiety from the work process. It is important to focus on small, achievable milestones or break long-term goals into several short-term ones. When there is a clear measurable goal, it becomes easier to achieve the same.

  • Establish open communication

It is imperative to create a culture of transparency within an organization in order for it to function smoothly. A transparent system transpires trust amongst the employees; it drives out fear, uncertainty and establishes an open environment where opinions are valued. Effective communication leads everyone to be on the same page, moving in the same direction toward the same goal. When individuals feel that they heard and valued, they naturally feel more successful and more engaged at work.

A powerful by-product of this is they end up becoming brand ambassadors for your organization as well. Their enthusiasm and engagement spreads among their networks and you and your business benefit from another level of visibility.

During certain situations, conflicts among co-workers may see unavoidable, but an open communication always paves the way for constructive criticism. It also allows the management to step in when the conflict is too large to be resolved single-handedly. Open communication makes information more widely available, thereby improving the results of work innovation and problem-solving.

  • Taking longer breaks

This counter-intuitive method can actually help to improve concentration to perform the task at hand much better. Taking short breaks in between long tasks helps to maintain a constant level of performance, as opposed to working at a task without breaks leads which leads to a steady decline in performance.

These breaks also help to retain a constant, positive mindset of the team thoughtout the day. A nonstop work routine leads to fatigue, burnout and boredom, not to forget a negative attitude, which would probably even demitivate the employees to look forward to come to work. Instead, if their day is filled with frequent and some slightly longer break intervals, it helps them to channelize their energies in a short burst of time to get some tasks done, and they can reward themselves by cooling down and taking a break, before resuming to the next task at hand.

There are numerous ways to take breaks in between work hours, like taking a short walk, having tea or coffee, conversing with a colleague, taking a short nap, meditation, exercise or some fun games. Weschool believes that these are the perfect formulas to boost creativity and productivity at workplaces.

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